Gibbons Guide to Wilderness Survival

Gibbons Guide to Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival Handbook
From Outdoorsman, Adventurer & Anthropological Writer
John Elden Gibbons –

John Elden started his wilderness survival education at the age of 8 by going on
a survival trip in rural Pennsylvania
with his grandfather, Writer, Naturalist, and father of the Modern
wild-crafting movement Euell Gibbons.

This guide delivers the fundamental knowledge you need to survive in the wilderness.
Start learning to use a small amount of gear, then replace that gear with objects you make in the wild. Survival Kits, Shelter Craft, Water Gathering, Fire Craft, Campfire Navigation, and more….

From the essentials to the next step of living in the wilderness, this book starts
you on the path to your “Love affair with Nature.”

Author Bio

John Elden Gibbons

Gibbons Guide to Wilderness Survival

by John Elden Gibbons

Learn Wilderness Survival Skills with Outdoor Survival Expert John Elden Gibbons

John Elden is the grandson of outdoor writer Euell Gibbons. His knowledge of Outdoor Skills, Homesteading, Bushcraft, Permaculture, Sustainable Gardening, Survival, Camping,

Self-Reliance, Home Income, Cooking Skills, Freedom Income, DIY’s, Yurts, Live in Freedom and Live Deliberately.

Join Outdoorsman, Adventurer, and Anthropological Writer

John Elden Gibbons, blogger of Woodfolks Com.

John has a lot of experience to draw upon: he has held various jobs such as teaching, instructing outdoor skills, Primitive Bushcraft skills, wild food gathering (Wild Crafting)., Import/Export, writing, and construction. John’s past duties included a position as a personal protection trainer for NYS and Juvenal Offender Wilderness (guide/trainer). John is a US Navy vet., He is also an ordained (Non-Federal) chaplain within the Christian community. Look for “An Outdoorsman Talks with God.” by John Elden Gibbons

John Elden Gibbons: writer, adventurer, and videographer

Author of two cookbooks – “An Adirondack Guides Cookbook”, “Canoe Camp Cooking” and working on a third, John Elden has also penned a novel about an early Longhunter. “First Longhunter”. Also, take a look at “Magnetic Personal Development”, a motivational manual.

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